Lacing Styles for Runners

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Lacing Styles for Runners

There are lots of ways to creatively lace your shoes. A quick google search will help you find a fun and creative pattern for your laces. But did you know different kinds of lacing can secure your laces more tightly or comfortably, particularly for sports like running?

A standard lacing will see you secure the shoe at the top of the laces with most of the force placed on the laces at the top two holes. This often leads to the laces wearing at the top two holes first as you can see in these old shoes.

The rest of the laces are showing little wear because there is a lot less pressure. These shoes have always been worn loose lower in the lacing and tight at the top. 

If you have a wide forefoot or high arch, there are lacing techniques which will help you keep the lacing loose in those areas, for instance this lacing technique for a high midfoot.

There is also a technique for those who find their heels slipping. This technique is often referred to as runner’s loops. This looped lacing secures the laces from the top four holes providing very secure lacing at the top. Another benefit of this technique is that the loop prevents the laces slipping so there is less pressure on the knot and less chance of the laces untying. 

Some running shoes have an extra hole further back on the collar of the shoe to make the most of runner’s loops.

But it’s not just runners who can take advantage of these techniques. Those with deformities can lace their shoes to avoid the issue, there is looser lacing for swollen feet and wider lacing at the toes for bunions. There is hope for that old pair of shoes that wasn’t quite comfortable yet! 

There is more information and helpful shoe lacing advice on the Asics website here.