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Troublesome feet with children can cause stress for parents so at A”corn” we aim to ease parents’ concerns. Our podiatrists can help ease aches, pains and concerns for children with previous expertise in treating paediatric feet, providing professional advice and assistance. We can offer an array of paediatric podiatry assistance such as stubborn/troublesome verrucae to lower limb and postural complaints from flat feet to in-toe gait.

What Can We Do For Your Child's Feet?

If you have a concern regarding your child’s feet from foot trouble to postural problems then we can help to put your mind at ease and provide free advice and further podiatry assistance if needed.

Recommended assessments:
1. General podiatry assessment to identify any nail conditions(ingrown or damaged) or skin problems (verrucae’s)
2. Biomechanical assessment to correct posture, muscular and joint trouble
3. Consultation if podiatry/biomechanical assessments are not required

Common Symptoms

1. Verrucae (warts)
2. Ingrown toenails
3. Sever’s disease (paediatric heel pain)
4. Growing pains
5. Osgood-Schlatter disease

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