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Cryosurgery or otherwise known as freezing is a treatment method primarily used for the treatment of warts/verrucas. It’s a common treatment that can be used and can be effective in certain cases.

What Does Cryosurgery Involve?

Liquid nitrogen is sprayed on to the wart/ verrucae which is very cold so the process of freezing and thawing causes damage and destruction to the virus. Typically 4-6 treatment sessions, sometimes more would be required at intervals couple of weeks apart to completely clear the virus.

What Can Cryosurgery Be Used For?

As stated above cryosurgery can be used on warts/ verrucas but as well as that they can be used for skin tags which can also very successful.

How Long Does The Treatment Take And Does It Hurt?

Treatment can vary and take a few visits depending on the size or the wart/verruca. This means attending the surgery at 2-3 week intervals until the area has cleared. The treatment can be painful sometimes but is usually bare able. If there are any concerns then we can always use a numbing cream or anaesthetic to minimise and alleviate any pain.

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