Faulkner’s Needling

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What Is

Faulkner’s needling is a treatment method used for eradicating warts/ verrucas. It is a very effective treatment method that causes your own immune system to recognise the body has a viral wart/verruca, activating antibodies to fight against the virus and clearing the problem.

What Does Faulkner's Needling Involve?

The treatment involves a local anesthetic to numb the area so the wart/ verruca can be punctured with a fine needling with the aim of inoculating the virus into the host to produce an immune reaction. Whilst the anesthetic injection is unpleasant the needling is pain free. The foot is a little sore for a few days but no worse than most of the other verruca treatments available.  In cases where multiple warts/verrucas are present, not all areas have to be needled, the primary “mother” wart/ verruca has to be identified and treated leading to all other affected areas to clear.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

The treatment is carried out in one session only, therefore, being the most practical and desirable treatment method for the busy person who cannot come in for regular sessions. Acids and cryotherapy involve multiple appointments which can add up a lot of time out of work and expense and rely on the patient being fit and healthy. The patient would then require a further follow-up at eight and sixteen weeks after initial treatment.

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