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Problematic nails that are thick, ingrown or damaged can be very debilitating, unsightly. This can lead to the surrounding skin and nails to become infected with bacteria or fungus.

At Acorn Chiropody we see a diverse range of problematic nail conditions which can be treated by our HCPC registered podiatrists. In many cases, a one-off treatment is all that is required, but if the nails are persistently troublesome then the podiatrist will provide an alternative treatment plan for permanent resolution such as nail surgery under local anaesthetic.

If you have a problem with your nails, we would advise booking an appointment for a consultation where the podiatrist can explain the treatment process. Early diagnosis and treatment will prevent the problem from reoccurrence and pain.

Recommended Treatments?

1. Filling of damaged, thickened nails
2. Removal of painful ingrown toenails using small cuticle instrument to minimise and prevent any pain.
3. Nail surgery to eradicate problematic nails mostly for ingrown toenails. This would involve narrowing the nail plate + prevent regrowth under local anaesthesia.
4. If fungal nails are an issue, we would devise a treatment plan to resolve the problem after a nail sample has been tested. We would file + thin the nail to speed up the process of treatment. In the majority of cases, the treatment we provide is pain-free. If for any reason you are concerned the treatment will be painful, a local anaesthetic can be used to numb/eradicate any pain.

Common Symptoms

1. Ingrown toenails
2. Think damaged nails
3. Fungal nails
4. Psoriatic nails

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