Verrucae Treatment

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What Is a

Verrucae’s are caused by a contagious virus known as the human papilloma virus. They are commonly caught in places such as bathrooms, showers, swimming pools, and changing rooms. More than often verrucae resolve by themselves but some can be persistent and unsightly. They often become troublesome when they grow larger, spread and become painful. When verrucae’s start to become troublesome then this is the time to seek professional help and advice on treating the problem.
Children are most commonly affected by verrucae’s but the virus can affect all age groups.

When To Seek Professional Advice?

Treatment is recommended when the verrucae are:
• Painful
• Increasing in size and number
• Preventing normal duties or activities
• Cosmetic appearance
• To seek correct diagnosis as can easily be misdiagnosed with similar conditions such as a corn

Home & In-Clinic Treatment Options


• Over-the-counter paints and acids
• Filling of the verrucae with an emery board


• Cryosurgery- also known as freezing of the warts
• Strong acids treatments (what we use in-clinic is a lot stronger and aggressive than what can be bought over the counter)
• Dry needling- designed to stimulate the immune system to fight against the verrucae

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