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Biomechanical assessment

What Is

A biomechanical assessment involves the podiatrist examining the alignment, structure and function of your bones and muscles. These assessments are highly beneficial if you are experiencing pain in your lower limbs. Gait analysis is also available at Acorn Sports Podiatry as part of a full biomechanical assessment.

What Is It For?

Gait analysis, as part of a wider biomechanical package, helps us assess your lower limb problem as it occurs during walking or running. We analyse patterns in the gait to understand how your feet are being used dynamically. This can indicate where extra stress is being placed on tendons, if you are putting more weight through one specific area of the foot, where your foot strikes the floor and any twists in the foot as it leaves the floor. None of these things on their own are problematic but, as part of a larger picture, may help us understand your issue.

What Does It Involve?

You may be asked to simply walk the length of the clinic a few times so the clinician can see basic patterns. We also have a treadmill so you can be viewed for longer. If you are a runner and the problem is found during running, we may ask you to run for a short period on the treadmill. If the clinician needs to video the action and play it back to see smaller movements, you will be asked first.
We can change gait for all sorts of reasons. Changes in muscle tone can affect gait, but also previous injuries. Pain often adapts gait without us noticing and other problems can develop as a result of a pain we’ve barely noticed.

This will depend on the problem. Most will require a programme of strengthening or stretching exercises. Orthoses (inserts in the shoes) may also be offered to support the foot and alter the current gait pattern. Some patients may merely require footwear advice.


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