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What are

Orthotic devices, otherwise known as orthoses, insoles, foot inserts or foot supports, are medical devices fitted within your shoe to alleviate pain by changing the biomechanical function of the foot in relationship to the ground reaction force. This will, in turn, improve the function and efficiency of the foot when in contact with the ground if standing, walking, or running.

There are a large variety of insoles that can be bought from the pharmacies or sports shops. These are a generic standard insole for more controlled movement of the foot. Standard insoles can be adapted to alleviate various conditions by a podiatrist. We also make custom made insoles which are completely bespoke to accommodate your individual feet. They are the most effective at alleviating lower limb pain.

What's Conditions Are Most Commonly Treated With Foot Orthotics?

1. Pain in the big toe joint or bunions
2. Morton’s neuroma (front of foot pain)
3. Plantar fasciitis
4. Flat feet, collapsed arches, over pronation
5. Heel pain
6. Achilles tendinopathy
7. Medial knee pain
8. Limb-length difference

What Can We Do For You?

Other healthcare professionals may have advised you to see a podiatrist for a particular condition. If this condition is in the muscles or joints, it may benefit you to have a full biomechanical assessment. Lower limb pain can sometimes be the result of muscle fatigue or imbalance which can only be seen on full assessment.

If you require more advice on what we can provide with orthotics, then you will need to book an appointment for a consultation with our fully trained HCPC registered podiatrists. From this consultation, the podiatrist can give advice and recommend the best treatment option. They will give you additional advice on footwear choice and any exercises required for correcting muscle imbalance or weakness.

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