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What Is Fungal Nail

Fungal nail infection is a very common nail condition that affect many people. Usually asymptomatic they can deteriorate and become symptomatic causing pain due to the thick growth it produces in the nail bed. Damage to the nail occurs slowly and progressively and can be very difficult to treat with numerous treatments out there failing.

Furthermore due to numerous people affected by fungal nails they can make you feel embarrassed with the way they look cosmetically.

How Did I Get Fungal Nails?

Fungal nail infections occur when microscopic fungi enters the nail usually through trauma or micro trauma from footwear. These reproduce and spread through the nail, the fungi thrives between the toes and under the nail plate due to the dark, moist environment when tucked up in socks and shoes. If a previous suffer of athletes foot then this can in turn cause fungal nail infection so it would be advisable to treat any athletes foot infection to prevent cross-contamination.

How Successful Is Fungal Nail Treatment?

From laser to fungal nail paints and oral tablets, there is no 100% guarantee that the fungus can be eradicated and permanently cured (some cases it can) and the majority of treatments rely on management and provoking the nail to grow healthier and aesthetically normal.

Can we test for fungal nail infection?
At our clinics we have fungal test kits that allows us to identify if there is fungal infection present in the nail or not. We can also send the sample to a lab where they can identify what specific fungus is causing the damage and produce a treatment plan most effective to that fungus.

How can we help improve the nail quality?
At Acorn Sports Podiatry the podiatrist will discuss all the treatment options available. They podiatrist will listen to your complaint and devise the most effective treatment plan and best form of management for you. If caught early enough then management can be a lot easier (possibly curing) and simpler than left untreated preventing pain and unsightliness.

What Treatment Options Do I Have?

  • Nail reduction – filling nail to clear debris and cleaning nail matrix to allow improved growth of nail with no fungicidal treatment.
  • Topical treatment – application of fungal nail treatment on regular basis after reduction of nails.
  • Nail fenestration – small holes drilled through nail plate using a very fine cutting tool painlessly and then application of fungicidal treatment.
  • Total nail avulsion – removal of the nail and cleaning of nail bed under local anaesthetic.

What Happens If I Leave It And Do Nothing?

If left untreated then the nail will keep deteriorating over time and can eventually spread to other toe nails as well as finger nails. The can lead to secondary infections such as athletes foot and in worse case scenario; fungal/ bacterial skin infection.

Furthermore it can lead to fungal skin infections else where on the body.

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