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Who We Are?

At Acorn we pride ourselves in providing friendly foot care services from simple corns, ingrown toenails and verrucae treatments. To more complex biomechanical issues causing joint or muscular pains.


Our surgeries are conveniently located throughout South Wales with easy access and within city/town centres along high streets. Our focus is aimed at making you aware of the problems. That are associated with your feet and helping to devise a treatment plan that is suitable, effective and personalised to your needs.

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All our podiatrists regularly attend conference seminars. We continually aim to expand on our knowledge as well as keeping up to date with new methods of treatment. This enables us to provide the best evidence-based treatment plan and advice for our patients.

Why Us?

We have been established for 30 years within South Wales with multiple clinics in various locations. Our fully qualified podiatrists have 40 years of combined experience and are registered. With the Health Care Professional Council and insured by the College of Podiatry.

Our aim at Acorn Sports Podiatry is to listen to your ailments. And help to devise a treatment plan catered to your individual needs. As well as this we like to treat our patients. In a courteous, professional and friendly manner, offering foot care and footwear advic.

The human foot has the ability to support the weight of the whole body. Adapt to many different terrains and walk you around the world 5 times within a lifetime – it has a universal function. This can lead to a number of different conditions. At Acorn we commonly come across a variety of conditions that we treat such as: hard skin, corns (as well as neurovascular corns), ingrown toenails (conservatively and surgically) verrucae/warts, joint and muscular pains.

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Established for 30 years within South Wales with multiple clinics in various locations.


Services Provided By Acorn Sports Podiatry

A team of expert doctors that are leading our clinic! Meet our staff and visit us for your next problem!


Gait Analysis

This examination involves the podiatrist examining the alignment….


Paediatric Feet

Our fully qualified experienced HCPC registered podiatrists will put you at….


Diabetic Foot Care

Specialist foot care with diagnosis, treatment & prevention of problems….


Shockwave Therapy

ESWT is a widely used, non-invasive therapy which stimulates soft….

What Our Clients Say About Us?

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service to our clients. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about working with us.


What Makes Us So Special ?

We truly do pride ourselves on what we’ve been able to achieve for you, our customers. Over the past 35 years and continue to improve on what we do.


Qualified Podiatrists

All Podiatrists are medically qualified and we approach each problem individually and in its own uniqueness.


35+ Years Experience

Feel confident knowing that your feet are in safe hands. There are some things only experience can provide you with.


100% Positive Feedback

We are committed to providing the highest standards & treatments to patients.


Professional Services

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality care to our patients with professional services.

The Best Chiropody And Sports Podiatry Services

Welcome to Acorn Sports Podiatry. Take Control Of Your Foot Health With Us.


Meet Our Podiatrists

Our fully qualified podiatrists have 40 years of combined experience. And are registered with the Health Care Professional Council and insured by the College of Podiatry.

We provide the highest level of satisfaction care & services to our patients.

What Client’s Say

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